Fargo, ND First Aid Classes

F-M Ambulance

F-M Ambulance in Fargo, ND is a community-oriented ambulance service that provides emergency medical coverage to the Fargo-Moorhead, Cass, and Clay County areas. We are the largest Advanced Life Support (ALS) ground ambulance provider in North Dakota.

First Aid Training - Fargo, ND - F-M Ambulance - First Aid Training - Call now for more information.

Learn More About F-M Ambulance:

  • First-aid / CPR / AED instruction
  • Babysitting clinic
  • Paramedic
  • Youth Academy
  • First Responder
  • EKG
  • EMT
  • EMS standby request
  • Honor guards
  • Wheelchair transportation service

Contact F-M Ambulance today at 701-364-1704, or visit www.fmambulance.com.

Billing / customer service: 701-364-1715
Emergency Medical Education Center: 701-364-1750

3148 Fiechtner Dr Fargo, ND

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NF-M Ambulance - 2215 18th St S Fargo, ND
F-M Ambulance

2215 18th St S Fargo, ND